Featured Watch: Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, Ref. 3941

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar

For many collectors, the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, Ref. 3940 is one of the finest watches of the 1980s and perhaps the modern era of Patek Philippe. The 3940 is believed to be the preferred watch to a man who could have worn any of the brand’s watches, Philippe Stern, the former CEO and father to current CEO of Patek Philippe. Within a few moments of wearing the 3940 it is easy to understand why. With a stunning brushed silver dial, masterfully balanced subdials and thin, 36mm case, this watch is gorgeous and wears perfectly. The 240-Q is self-winding, micro-rotor powered movement that is particularly thin and can be viewed through the display caseback on some 3940s. 

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Moonphase Ref. 3940

 The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, ref. 3941

While many Patek Philippe collectors are familiar 3940, fewer know of the 3941. When the 3940 was released in 1985, it featured a solid caseback as had nearly every Patek Philippe watch before it; However, at the same time, a very low number of 3941s were released with clear casebacks, making them among the first Patek Philippe watches with display casebacks. In response to demand for both casebacks, Patek began offering the 3940 with both solid and clear casebacks and discontinued the 3941 in 1990. As a result of the low and short production run of the 3941, as few as 35 examples are known of today.

Wristshot of Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 3941


While the clear casebacks on the Perpetual Calendar 3940s feature a case number engraving, the 3941 caseback bears no marks. Instead, the serial number is engraved on the inside of the case, just under the bezel. 

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 3941 Serial Number

The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, Ref. 3941 featured in this article is an exceptionally rare opportunity to own one of these magnificent watches. Please find more information on the listing page here.

Patek Philippe 240-Q in Perpetual Calendar 3941


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