Six of our Favorite Vintage Rolex Watches available now

Six of our Favorite Vintage Rolex Watches available now

Vintage Rolex is certainly among the most popular and well researched categories in the watch collecting world and it is certainly easy to see why. Rolex has a rich history in designing and producing the some of the most durable, iconic watches in history and have had a star studded list of patrons for over 60 years. Vintage Rolex brings up memories of the old world, when a sport watch were a tool men used while driving race cars, flying planes, scuba diving and climbing mountains. These watches bring us back to the days of yore, they invoke feelings of nostalgia and wonderment. They are also stunningly beautiful and fantastic to wear.

Below are a few highlights of our favorite vintage Rolex pieces currently available on our site. 

Rolex Veriflat ref 6512 retailed by Tiffany & Co.

 Rolex Yellow Gold Veriflat ref. 6512, Retailed by Tiffany & Co. 

This Rolex "Veriflat" ref. 6512 was originally created in 1954 and remains the slimmest Oyster case Rolex has ever created. Rolex, not known for their slim cases, produced the Veriflat as a beautiful dress watch with the benefits of the water resistant Oyster case. Some of these examples, like the one featured here, were chronometer certified. The Veriflat was produced from 1954 until 1962, a short production run for Rolex, making these references quite rare. 

The Rolex Veriflat ref. 6512 featured here is particularly special because it was originally retailed by Tiffany & Co. and bears the retailers stamp below the Veriflat text. The case also features a few numbers etched in the lug, common in Tiffany Rolex and often believed to be an internal sku number for the retailer. Find our more about this Rolex "Veriflat" ref. 6512 here.


Rolex Bakalite GMT-Master 6542

Rolex "Bakelite" GMT-Master ref. 6542 with Original Paperwork

This stunning Rolex GMT-Master, Ref. 6542 is in incredible original condition and comes complete with some fantastic original paperwork. The reference 6542 was the first GMT-Master and nicknamed Pussy Galore after the character from the James Bond film Goldfinger. The watch features a bakelite bezel, no-crown guard case and beautiful gilt dial. This particular example comes with the original guarantee from 1958, original hang tag with serial number, two manuals and Time magazine Watch of the Year promotional magazine. This watch also comes with documentation noting the watch has been tested by Rolex and does not contain any substance in violation of the Atomic Energy Commission regulations. This GMT-Master, ref. 6542 also comes with its original box. This watch has a 39X,XXX serial number. Find out more about this Rolex Bakelite GMT-Master, Ref. 6542 here.


Rolex Gilt Date ref. 1501

Rolex Date ref. 1501 with Gilt Dial

Vintage, gilt dial Rolex has a special place in many collectors hearts. There is something about the gold and black contrast with a nice, steel case that looks just right. With a rapid climb of pricing in premium vintage Rolex, it is hard to imagine finding a gilt Rolex at an affordable price point. However, this 1960s Date features a beautiful gilt dial and excellent case. Learn more about this Rolex Gilt Dial Date ref. 1501 here.


Rolex No-Crown Guards GMT-Master 1675

Rolex "No-Crown Guards" GMT-Master ref. 1675

This yellow gold, 1960 Rolex GMT-Master, ref. 1675 is a gorgeous example of this rare variation of the 1675. The reference 1675 was released in 1959 as an upgrade from the 6542 with the most obvious upgrade being the metal guards on each side of the crown. Some of the yellow gold examples, however, did not feature crown guards, earning them the nickname No Crown Guards or NCG in the vintage Rolex world. These examples are extremely rare and have a fantastic vintage feel to them. This particular yellow gold, No Crown Guard 1675 is in excellent original condition, with a tight rivet bracelet, beautiful brown dial and insert and very nice original lume. Learn more about this yellow gold, Rolex "No-Crown Guards" GMT-Master 1675 here.


Rolex Gilt Chapter Ring ref. 1016

Rolex "Chapter Ring" Explorer ref. 1016

This Rolex Explorer, ref. 1016 features a beautiful, original, gilt, chapter ring dial and an excellent case and rivet bracelet. These gilt dials had a tendency to blemish and damage over time, making it rare to find them in such clean condition. This watch has a 31X,XXX serial number and a caseback stamped 1.60. Learn more about this Rolex "Gilt, Chapter Ring" Explorer ref. 1016 here.


Rolex "Red" Submariner ref. 1680 with original papers

Rolex Red Submariner ref. 1680 with Original Papers

This gorgeous Rolex Red Submariner, ref. 1680 features a Mark V dial, the 5th version of the Red Sub dial. A clear indicator of a Mark V is the slightly open 6s in 660 Ft. This Red Sub has a 3.40 million serial number and the caseback is stamped IV.72. The dial is free of flaws, the markers, hands and pearl are all original and matching beautifully. The case is thick and likely never polished with wide, pronounced chamfers. This watch comes with the original Rolex Warranty with punched serial numbers. Learn more about this Rolex "Red" Submariner ref. 1680 here.

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