Featured Watch: F.P. Journe Chronométre Holland & Holland

F.P. Journe Chronométre Holland & Holland 

It is always exciting when leading brands from diverse fields partner to create something special. This holds true in the partnership between contemporary watchmaker F.P. Journe and Holland & Holland, one of the worlds finest gunmakers which has been operating for over 180 years. In late 2017, F.P. Journe announced the partnership in creating a highly limited series of Chronométre watches adorned with very special dials created from the barrels of two antique Holland & Holland guns. 


F.P. Journe Limited Edition Holland & Holland Watch

The Dial of the F.P. Journe Holland & Holland Chronométre

The two antique guns used to produce the dials were made in 1868 (Barrel No. 1382, used in 38 dials) and 1882 (Barrel No. 7183, used in 28 dials). Each barrel was made from Damascus steel, a blend of steel materials used in weapons since the 3rd century. The blending of two or more types of steel made not only for a strong weapon, but also a very beautiful material. This combination of beauty and strength made this material ideal for a watch dial. To create these dials, the barrels were cut open at the Holland & Holland factory and rolled out to create flat strips, which were then cleaned, polished and made thinner. Each strip was then sent to F.P. Journe’s dial maker, Les Cadraniers de Genéve, where they were cut in to dials. The dials then went back to Holland & Holland to be treated with a technique called “browning,” which brought out the gorgeous patter and protected the steel. 

Holland & Holland Damascus Steel Barrel

The Movement

The movement in the F.P. Journe Chronométre Holland & Holland is made from 18k rose gold and includes the Holland & Holland engraving. The caliber 1304 movement features a free-sprung balance and 56 power reserve. These 39mm watches were produced in a limited number of 66 total watches. Our available F.P. Journe Chronométre Holland & Holland here. 

FP Journe Chronométre Holland & Holland

FP Journe Holland & Holland Caliber 1304 Movement

FP Journe Holland & Holland Watch with Box


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