Patek Philippe Split-Second Mono Pusher Chronograph, ref. 5959

Patek Philippe Split Second Chronograph reference 5959

The reference 5959 is a stunning display of why Patek Philippe has commanded so much respect from horologists for the past century. While they could sit back and coast on their previous accomplishments, they move forward and continue to push themselves to create better complications and more beautiful watches. The 5959 was released in 2005 and was Patek Philippe’s first fully in-house chronograph movement. The CHR 27-525 PS movement was the thinnest split-seconds chronograph movement ever created and was so complex, Patek Philippe only created about 10 of these watches per year. The key complication of the 5959 is the split-second or rattrapante feature, allowing the user to record the time of two events that began at the same time.The user presses the chronograph button to begin timing; when the first event reaches a time he would like to record, he presses the chronograph button again, stoping one chronograph hand while the other continues to record time without missing a beat. 

Patek Philippe reference 5959 CHR 27-525 PS

This Patek Philippe, ref. 5959 comes in platinum with a gorgeous black dial. The watch is on the smaller side at 33mm, which makes creating this complicated movement in a small case even more impressive. It is truly an incredible display of Patek Philippe’s ability to combine top of the line mechanics and function with such an elegant and wearable design.  

This platinum Patek Philippe Split Second Chronograph, ref. 5959 is in mint condition and comes complete with original box and paper. Find more information in the listing here.

Patek Philippe Split-Second Rattrapante Chronograph, ref. 5959

Patek Philippe Split-Second Chrono, ref. 5959

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