Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Minute Repeater Ref. 5316


The Patek Philippe Grand Complication Ref. 5316P is a watch that transcends mere timekeeping. It is a work of art, a masterpiece of watchmaking, and a testament to Swiss ingenuity. With its sleek platinum case, black enamel dial, and symphony of complications, the 5316P is a watch that demands attention and respect.

Patek Philippe has been synonymous with luxury watchmaking for over 180 years. The company is known for its meticulous attention to detail, its use of the finest materials, and its commitment to innovation. The 5316P is no exception. Every aspect of the watch, from the hand-finished movement to the 40mm platinum case, is crafted with the utmost care and precision.

Patek Philippe Grand Complication Minute Repeater 5316

A Trio of Grand Complications

The 5316P is not just a pretty face. It is also a highly complex watch that houses three of the most sought-after complications in watchmaking: a minute repeater, a perpetual calendar, and a tourbillon.

    • Minute Repeater: The minute repeater allows the wearer to tell the time by sound. When activated, the watch chimes the hours, minutes, and seconds with a series of delicate gongs. The 5316P's minute repeater is one of the finest in the world, known for its clarity and purity of tone. At Patek Philippe, Minute Repeaters go through a thorough process of inspections and quality control to ensure only perfect results leave the shop for their best customers. 

    • Perpetual Calendar: The perpetual calendar is a mechanical marvel that automatically keeps track of the date, even during leap years. The 5316P's perpetual calendar is accurate for over 400 years, making it a truly timeless piece.

    • Tourbillon: The tourbillon is a device that counteracts the effects of gravity on the watch's movement, ensuring greater accuracy. The 5316P's tourbillon is visible through the back of the case, allowing the wearer to admire its intricate mechanics.

 Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Minute Repeater 5316P watch movement

The Patek Philippe 5316P is more than just a watch; it is a work of art. It is a testament to the skill and dedication of the world's finest watchmakers. It is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. If you are ever lucky enough to see one in person, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and complexity. You will not be disappointed.

This Patek Philippe Grand Complication 5316P is available now at The Keystone. 

Patek Philippe Grand Complication 5216P

Movement for Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Minute Repeater 5316

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