Featured Watch: Patek Philippe Ref. 3266 Designed by Gilbert Albert

One of the finest cocktail watches we have ever come across, this outstanding Patek Philippe coverwatch is as much fine jewelry as it is a wristwatch. Designed by famed jeweler Gilbert Albert, this Reference 3266 appears tied inside a knot of of baguette and round diamonds set in platinum.

Patek Philippe Gilbert Albert Diamond Cover Watch

The bracelet comfortably wraps around the wrist and the spring-loaded cover pull back for the wearer to subtly check the time.

Open Patek Philippe Diamond Cover Cocktail Watch by Gilbert Albert

According to the Extract from the Archives at Patek Philippe, this watch was made in 1961 and sold in February of 1962. In total, the watch features 127 baguette-cut diamonds (22.02ct) and 67 round diamonds (22.92ct).

Round and Baguette Diamond Patek Philippe Coverwatch by Gilbert Albert 3266

Learn more about this incredible watch from one of the most knowledgable Patek Philippe specialists in the world, John Reardon: 


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