New Arrivals Highlights: February

Patek Philippe Nautilus, ref. 3700

Patek Philippe Nautilus, ref. 3700

Originally released in 1976, the Patek Philippe Nautilus was one of watchmaking's most illustrious brands first "dive" into sports watches. This incredible sleek, elegant sport watch became Patek Philippe's staple sports watch, well known for it's slim profile and simplicity. The watches shape was inspired by a ship's portholes, as the watch was created with diving and nautical activities in mind. This is certainly a timeless classic among luxury sport watches and is very likely to maintain and improve value as they gain popularity. 

This particular 3700 comes with a yellow gold case and champage dial. It is in excellent condition, and even comes with it’s original “Nautilus” hang-tag.

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Rolex "Double Red" Sea-Dweller, ref. 1665 

Rolex "Double Red" Sea-Dweller, ref. 1665 

The “Double-Red” Sea-Dweller is a highly sought after vintage Rolex sport model. They can be very difficult to find on the market, especially in this condition. One very important thing about this particular Double Red Sea-Dweller is that it is a Mark II (or second series) model. That means that it is only the second series of Sea-Dwellers produced and offered to the market. There are a few characteristics that confirm it’s Mark II status. First, the serial is a 1.7 million serial which is in line with the second series model produced. Second, the dial is consistent with this era. The second line of the red font is slightly smaller than the first line, different from the first series which both use the same size font. Also notable is that in the second series, the “D” in Sea-Dweller lines up above the “I” in Submariner on the second line; in the third series dials, the “D” lines up with the “R” in Submariner. Furthermore, the caseback on the Sea-Dweller offered here is consistent with this second series models and has the last 3 digits of the serial printed inside at the center. At close inspection, the dial on this watch is also beginning to turn a very even chocolate, which is consistent with this era of Sea-Dweller. It is a very slight hue, but a great feature. This is truly a wonderful opportunity at a rare, early Sea-Dweller. 

A great resource for learning more about the Double Red Sea-Dweller is

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Patek Philippe "Serpico Y Laino" Calatrava, ref. 2526 

Contralmirante Ricardo Sosa Rios

Patek Philippe Calatrava, ref. 2526, retailed by Serpico Y Liano

This vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava, ref. 2526 is a perfect example of “if this watch could talk, the stories it would tell!” This watch was originally retailed at Serpico Y Liano, a well known Rolex dealer in Caracas, Venezuela and features the retailers stamp on the dial. If that is not impressive enough, the watch is inscribed with the name "Contralmirante Ricardo Sosa Rios," translated to Admiral Ricardo Sosa Rios. Admiral Ricardo Sosa Rios (often with the last name inverted to Rios Sosa) was an Admiral with an illustrious career in the Venezuelan Navy. Sosa Rios, born in 1913, "was a key player in the actions that led to the fall of the dictatorship of General Marcos Perez Jimenez in 1958 and at the beginning of the formation of a democratic government.” This is really an incredible piece both in its condition, it’s beautiful white enamel Serpico Y Liano dial and amazing history with a man who helped change a nation. 

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 Rolex "Tiffany & Co." GMT-Master, ref. 1675

Rolex GMT-Master, ref. 1675, retailed by Tiffany & Co. 

The Rolex GMT-Master, ref. 1675 is a classic vintage sport Rolex, and offered here is a really nice example. On top of it being a beautiful 1675, the watch was retailed by Tiffany & Co. and the dial is stamped as well. The watch has nice, even lume, a sharp case, and the original riveted band which has numbers etched into the clasp (possibly Tiffany & Co.’s internal reference number). The is a very special 1675 that would be cherished by any collector. 

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Rolex "Sigma Dial" Daytona, ref. 6263

Rolex "Sigma Dial" Daytona, ref. 6263

The Rolex Daytona needs no introduction and the reference 6263 is among the most well known and coveted. The 6263 offered here comes with a black bezel and black dial, creating a really nice contrast and vintage look. Also notable is the Sigma dial. Sigma dials get their name from being marked with two Sigma’s on each side of the “T SWISS T” at the bottom of the dial. A sigma dial means that the watches markers are made of gold, in this case white gold. This is a wonderful example of a rare vintage Daytona for any vintage Rolex collector.

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Rolex "Oman" Day-Date, ref. 1803

Rolex "Oman" Day-Date, ref. 1803

Even not considering the rare dial, this Rolex Day-Date, ref. 1803 is a great example of a vintage 1803. To make it even more special, this watch has a linen-textured, champagne dial with the striking, red National Emblem of Oman. As is tradition in many middle-eastern states, the government of Oman would often gift Rolex watches to foreigners; with this demand, Rolex established a department for making small additions to the dial for these special clients. Watches with this emblem, featuring the Khanjar, a traditional dagger and symbol of Oman, we produced for the Sultan of Oman to be presented as gifts. Watches with this emblem are rare and highly sought after, making this Rolex Day-Date a very special piece. 

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