Welcome to The Keystone

 Welcome to The Keystone. We are excited to launch this new e-commerce site dedicated to bringing our customers beautiful, rare watches and an unparalleled watch-retail experience. We have worked hard to develop what we believe is a very simple, functional customer experience, ensuring the customer gets the best possible images and understanding of each item they view. 



The idea of The Keystone has been a long time coming. Years ago while still in college, Justin and Max often discussed how underserved watch collectors at the time were. Passionate, engaged people were searching high and low for the next rare watch for their collection and the only places they could purchase them were from unwelcoming watch booths, eBay or their “watch guy.” They faced a marketplace that was riddled with fakes and “Frankenstein" watches where they had to haggle and bid to hopefully get the right price for good product. Justin and Max both agreed there needs to be a trusted, reliable site offering great product at fair prices with a better retail experience. 


Justin Gruenberg               Max Abbott


The Keystone’s goal is to build a community of enthused, satisfied customers who love their watches and know that they acquired them from a reputable, trusted seller. Whether it be an avid, experienced watch enthusiast building his collection or someone buying their very first high-end watch, we want each customer’s experience to be unlike any other timepiece shop.



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