Rolex "Maxi Dial" Submariner, ref. 5513

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This Rolex Submariner 5513 is fitted with it's original, first series "Maxi" dial, with beautiful big lume plots, open 6's and the "Submariner" printed beneath the depth rating. It is a fantastic example of a 5513 with a nice case and tight original band. The original hands are oxidized a bit, making them appear darker than the rest of the dial, but maintain their original form. For some great reading about the "Maxi" dial, visit 5513 Matte Dial, an website with extensive history of the matte dial Submariners. 

Brand: Rolex

Model: Submariner, ref. 5513

Serial: 5,27X,XXX

Circa: 1977

Dial: Black "Maxi" Dial

Case Size: 40mm

Case Thickness: 14mm

Bracelet Size: 7.5 inches, adjustable

Bracelet Material: Steel

Case Material: Steel

Bezel Material: Steel

Movement: Automatic

Functions: Time Only