Rolex GMT-Master, ref. 1675

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The GMT-Master is one of the pillars in the famous Rolex sport watch collection, alongside the Submariner and the Daytona. Easily identifiable with it’s two-colored bezel, the GMT-Master has become an icon among vintage watch collectors, with some owning a number of examples of this same model. 

In the 1950’s, the GMT-Master was developed in cooperation with the Pan-American Airlines to assist pilots with telling time in multiple time zones. As flight technology increased, so did flight times and distances, meaning pilots would be crossing through a number of time zones in one flight. To keep pilots on correct time, Rolex created the GMT-Master with a hand that could be set to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the standard time used by pilots, while the other hour hand could be set to local time.
This reference, 1675, was the first year the crown guards were introduced, changing the shape of the watch and protecting the crown. Rolex also added the “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” imprint to the dial. GMT-Masters up until the late 1960’s had a smaller GMT hand. 

Brand: Rolex

Model: GMT-Master, ref. 1675

Serial: 3,11X,XXX

Circa: 1970

Dial: Black

Case Size: 40mm

Case Thickness: 13mm

Bracelet Size: Adjustable Strap

Bracelet Material: Dark Green Leather

Case Material: Yellow Gold

Bezel Material: Yellow Gold

Movement: Automatic

Functions: Date, GMT, Time

Other strap options may be available.